Seller's warranty for ABSEL batteries

Warranty terms*:

  • The warranty period is 24 months from the date of sale of the battery to the end consumer for batteries with a capacity of up to 100 Ah (inclusive) and 12 months for batteries with a capacity of over 100 Ah.
  • Replacement of the battery is carried out only upon detection of a manufacturing defect in the battery associated with its manufacture (open circuit inside the battery, short circuit in one of the batteries). Defects caused by external influences or improper operation, as well as natural wear and tear, cannot be grounds for returning (replacing) the battery.
  • A deeply discharged battery (below 50%) cannot be considered defective. Charging a serviceable discharged battery in a warranty laboratory is carried out at the expense of its owner.
  • At the request of the warranty workshop, a vehicle on which the battery being tested must be provided for issuing a warranty statement.

* batteries of good quality cannot be returned

The warranty does not apply to the following cases:

  • Absence of a warranty card, its incorrect or incomplete filling;
  • Lack of supplier’s warranty stickers and manufacturer’s labels;
  • Mechanical damage to the battery, clogged ventilation holes;
  • Destruction of the housing due to a gas explosion, solidification of the electrolyte in the jars;
  • Failure to comply with the rules of operation, maintenance or safety measures (the rules are described in the warranty card):
  • Using batteries on vehicles with faulty electrical equipment;
  • Battery discharge to OCV is less than 11.0 V;
  • Using the battery for purposes other than its intended purpose.